74 Women's Open 8+

Official Results

116:28.31777University of Louisville A
S:12:03:28.0 F:12:19:56.3
216:48.81779University of Miami A (Alison Whitty)
S:12:04:32.2 F:12:21:21.0
317:11.01778University of Alabama A (Ashley Allison)
S:12:03:38.3 F:12:20:49.3
417:18.41776Old Dominion University Women's Rowing A (Paige Madison)
S:12:03:20.3 F:12:20:38.7
517:18.81782Barry University A (Katarzyna Walentynowicz)
S:12:06:16.0 F:12:23:34.8
617:21.21781University of Tulsa Women's Rowing A (Brooke Helmberger)
S:12:06:02.7 F:12:23:23.9
717:24.41790University of Tennessee Women's Rowing A
S:12:08:37.3 F:12:26:01.7
817:24.51802University of Tennessee Women's Rowing B
S:12:11:59.7 F:12:29:24.2
917:26.21775University of Texas Austin A (Tea Vrtlar)
S:12:02:54.7 F:12:20:20.9
1017:29.91785Duke Women's Rowing A
S:12:06:50.7 F:12:24:20.6
1117:33.51789University of Kansas Rowing A
S:12:08:03.2 F:12:25:36.7
1217:36.71796University of Alabama B (Alyssa Drevenak)
S:12:10:10.6 F:12:27:47.3
1317:38.81795University of Miami B (Katie Stanzilis)
S:12:10:02.6 F:12:27:41.4
1417:40.11803University of Louisville B
S:12:13:30.9 F:12:31:11.0
1517:42.31792Old Dominion University Women's Rowing B (Kiersten Leigh Stephens)
S:12:09:01.4 F:12:26:43.7
1617:44.51791University of Texas Austin B (Paige Jones)
S:12:08:53.7 F:12:26:38.2
1717:58.51808University of Kansas Rowing C
S:12:16:01.3 F:12:33:59.8
1818:03.41804University of Alabama C (Emily Osborne)
S:12:14:23.4 F:12:32:26.8
1918:05.01793University of Tulsa Women's Rowing B (Lauren Mann)
S:12:09:32.5 F:12:27:37.5
2018:06.21799Duke Women's Rowing B
S:12:10:53.2 F:12:28:59.4
2118:09.01812University of Kansas Rowing D
S:12:17:23.7 F:12:35:32.7
2218:10.71806University of Louisville C
S:12:14:50.4 F:12:33:01.1
2318:16.11805Old Dominion University Women's Rowing C (Jackie Donlan)
S:12:14:34.4 F:12:32:50.5
2418:26.21786Eastern Michigan University A (Allison Pecaut)
S:12:07:18.8 F:12:25:45.0
2518:29.21794University of Kansas Rowing B
S:12:09:49.8 F:12:28:19.0
2618:30.81801Eastern Michigan University B (Sarah Hillegonds)
S:12:11:32.4 F:12:30:03.2
2718:39.01810University of Tulsa Women's Rowing C (Rachel Perry)
S:12:16:41.1 F:12:35:20.1
2818:45.51788Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A
S:12:07:53.4 F:12:26:38.9
2918:51.71807University of Texas Austin C (Taylor Martin)
S:12:15:52.7 F:12:34:44.4
3018:54.31813University of Texas Austin D (Carmen Hargis-Villanueva)
S:12:17:44.1 F:12:36:38.4
3119:02.51811University of Louisville D
S:12:17:06.7 F:12:36:09.2
3219:13.31814University of Alabama D (Jacklin Byers)
S:12:18:52.6 F:12:38:05.9
3319:35.11817University of Texas Austin A (Katy Kazen)
S:12:19:43.0 F:12:39:18.1
3419:55.71798The College of William and Mary B
S:12:10:40.4 F:12:30:36.1
3519:55.91787Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Megan Smith)
S:12:08:23.8 F:12:28:19.7
3620:01.51780Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Bethany Layman)
S:12:05:57.5 F:12:25:59.0
3720:21.81800Washington University Rowing - St. Louis B
S:12:14:00.3 F:12:34:22.1
3820:26.41816University of Louisville E
S:12:19:34.0 F:12:40:00.4
3920:43.01783The College of William and Mary A
S:12:09:27.0 F:12:30:10.0
4020:54.21784Miami University Rowing Club A (Caitlin Lamb)
S:12:13:21.2 F:12:34:15.4
4121:15.61809Duke Women's Rowing C
S:12:16:30.8 F:12:37:46.4
4221:41.41797Miami University Rowing Club B (Kat Slaughter)
S:12:15:42.3 F:12:37:23.7
4324:45.61815Duke Women's Rowing D
S:12:18:30.4 F:12:43:06.0 P:10 (1 buoy)


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