16 Men's College & Club Novice 8+
Official Results
115:17.1456Jacksonville University Rowing A (Ariel Mandelblum)
S:12:11:33.6 F:12:26:50.7
215:33.5469University of Virginia Rowing Association A (Ryan Cheng)
S:12:18:41.1 F:12:34:14.6
316:21.8457UNC Men's Crew A (Chase Rebarker)
S:12:12:08.1 F:12:28:29.9
416:25.7480Washington University Crew B (Matthew Goldkind)
S:12:22:14.4 F:12:38:40.1
516:27.6462Purdue University Crew A (Casey Graves)
S:12:14:37.5 F:12:31:05.1
616:38.2451Georgia Tech Crew A
S:12:10:05.0 F:12:26:43.2
716:43.9447Alabama Crew A
S:12:07:00.5 F:12:23:44.4
816:44.3455University of Florida A (Joseph Briggs)
S:12:11:22.1 F:12:28:06.4
916:45.4466Miami University Rowing Club A (Cameron Feldhaus)
S:12:17:08.8 F:12:33:54.2
1016:51.6471UNC Men's Crew B (Griffin Smyth)
S:12:19:25.1 F:12:36:16.7
1116:59.0458Clemson University Rowing Association A (Jason Rangel)
S:12:12:50.2 F:12:29:49.2
1217:06.7450UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Travis Gant)
S:12:09:33.2 F:12:26:39.9
1317:08.7474University of Virginia Rowing Association B (Max Ober)
S:12:20:44.4 F:12:37:53.1
1417:15.7445University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:12:05:36.7 F:12:22:52.4
1517:25.6467The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia A (Hyunchan Lee)
S:12:17:33.4 F:12:34:59.0
1617:27.8448University of Kansas Crew A
S:12:07:41.9 F:12:25:09.7
1717:35.8459Murray State University Crew Club A (Ryan Powers)
S:12:13:22.5 F:12:30:58.3
1817:49.0465College of William and Mary A (Brendan Sawyer)
S:12:16:46.7 F:12:34:35.7
1917:52.9463University of South Florida A (Jarret Dahms)
S:12:15:36.3 F:12:33:29.2
2017:53.8477University of Florida B (Joseph Daatselaar)
S:12:21:49.9 F:12:39:43.7
2117:54.0449Emory University Rowing A (Chenmu Lin)
S:12:08:24.3 F:12:26:18.3
2217:56.0470Wake Forest Rowing Club A (Javier Diaz-orihuela)
S:12:19:03.8 F:12:36:59.8
2317:56.8472Georgia Tech Crew B
S:12:20:02.8 F:12:37:59.6
2418:15.3464Northwestern University Crew A (Luis Cartagena)
S:12:16:31.6 F:12:34:46.9
2518:16.5453Texas Crew A (Ted Deng)
S:12:15:11.5 F:12:33:28.0
2618:26.1461Xavier University Crew A
S:12:14:24.3 F:12:32:50.4
2718:42.0460Tennessee Crew A (Patrick Hughes)
S:12:14:18.2 F:12:33:00.2
2818:45.4482Miami University Rowing Club B (Paul Fortin)
S:12:23:13.0 F:12:41:48.4 P:10 (1 buoy)
2918:53.5452Vanderbilt University Crew A
S:12:10:44.6 F:12:29:38.1
3018:58.7476UTC - Chattanooga Rowing B (Brandon Harlow)
S:12:21:32.4 F:12:40:31.1
3118:59.6481The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia B (Kevin Sun)
S:12:22:29.6 F:12:41:29.2
3219:03.8473Murray State University Crew Club B (Steve Terkula)
S:12:20:30.3 F:12:39:34.1
3319:10.9454Washington University Crew A (Rob Osorio)
S:12:11:03.8 F:12:30:14.7
3419:21.2446High Point University A (james ensor)
S:12:06:37.1 F:12:25:58.3
3519:25.5468Cleveland State University A
S:12:18:21.3 F:12:37:46.8
3620:05.5483Texas Crew B (Cage Johnson)
S:12:23:28.4 F:12:43:33.9
DNS478Emory University Rowing B (Yiwei Gao)
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