18 Men's Championship 8+
Official Results
114:39.1501Florida Institute of Technology A (Eric Schiferl)
S:12:30:05.5 F:12:44:44.6
214:48.9498Purdue University Crew A (Bobby Jones)
S:12:29:43.0 F:12:44:31.9
314:57.2490University of Virginia Rowing Association A (Andrew Heinzman)
S:12:26:47.8 F:12:41:45.0
415:06.2491Jacksonville University Rowing A (Scott Del Vecchio)
S:12:27:11.9 F:12:42:18.1
515:10.0503Florida Institute of Technology B (Nate Hodge)
S:12:31:18.9 F:12:46:28.9
615:10.2497Georgia Tech Crew A (Cole Turner)
S:12:29:25.3 F:12:44:35.5
615:10.2492Oklahoma City University A (Matt Nelson)
S:12:27:21.1 F:12:42:31.3
815:12.1494UNC Men's Crew A (Brice Jenkins)
S:12:28:18.1 F:12:43:30.2
915:15.1500Rollins College Crew A (Benjamin Smith)
S:12:30:00.2 F:12:45:15.3
1015:23.0493University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A (Bearcat 8 Bow)
S:12:27:59.3 F:12:43:22.3
1115:29.4505Jacksonville University Rowing B (Stephen Marra)
S:12:31:50.9 F:12:47:20.3
1215:38.1495Unaffiliated (USA) A (Wade Glaser)
S:12:28:48.0 F:12:44:26.1
1315:40.8499Cincinnati Rowing Club A (Randon Rose)
S:12:29:51.7 F:12:45:32.5
1415:44.9504University of Virginia Rowing Association B (Chris Pena)
S:12:31:42.1 F:12:47:27.0
1515:48.9506Oklahoma City University B (Sam Lee)
S:12:32:22.7 F:12:48:11.6
1616:06.3496Washington University Crew A (Karthik Krishnan)
S:12:28:58.7 F:12:45:05.0
1716:08.9502University of Florida A (Alex Ahrenholz)
S:12:31:05.7 F:12:47:14.6
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