26 Women's Club 4+
Official Results
118:40.0703Old Dominion University Women's Rowing A
S:14:21:08.5 F:14:39:48.5
219:05.9716Lincoln Park Boat Club A
S:14:26:02.1 F:14:45:08.0
319:15.2691Northwestern University Crew A (Rachel Jensen)
S:14:17:35.3 F:14:36:50.5
419:30.1709Murray State University Crew Club A (Meagan Moffat)
S:14:23:40.8 F:14:43:10.9
519:31.2700Western Reserve Rowing Association A (Sharon Romilly)
S:14:20:30.2 F:14:40:01.4
619:31.5712University of Alabama/Huntsville Crew A (Rachael Fleischman)
S:14:24:21.7 F:14:43:53.2
719:52.1707University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:14:22:29.5 F:14:42:01.6 P:20 (passing in chute)
819:55.3719The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia A (Caroline Zahnow)
S:14:26:57.3 F:14:46:52.6
920:00.0692Orlando Rowing Club A (Meghan Walsh)
S:14:17:42.7 F:14:37:42.7
1020:04.9702Emory University Rowing A (Bari Fuchs)
S:14:20:56.7 F:14:41:01.6
1120:10.0717College of Charleston Crew A
S:14:26:23.8 F:14:46:33.8
1220:10.2705High Point University A (stephanie berardi)
S:14:22:12.1 F:14:42:22.3
1320:14.8693Tennessee Crew A (Samantha Hirte)
S:14:18:03.6 F:14:38:18.4
1420:24.0713Wake Forest Rowing Club A (Summer Stanfield)
S:14:24:34.4 F:14:44:58.4
1520:45.1697Georgia Tech Crew A
S:14:21:33.8 F:14:42:18.9
1620:48.3704Butler University A (Morgan Blake)
S:14:21:50.6 F:14:42:38.9
1720:49.0696Vanderbilt University Crew A (Elisa Marks)
S:14:19:29.2 F:14:40:18.2
1820:49.1706Xavier University Crew A
S:14:22:27.8 F:14:43:16.9
1920:49.8724James Madison University Crew Club B (Emma Brown)
S:14:28:02.2 F:14:48:52.0
2020:52.9718University of South Florida A (Allison White)
S:14:26:39.4 F:14:47:32.3
2121:01.7777Texas A&M Crew A (Tyler Andrews)
S:14:28:35.7 F:14:49:37.4
2221:07.5690Clemson University Rowing Association A (Hannah Job)
S:14:17:25.8 F:14:38:33.3
2321:17.6710Texas Crew A (Ellen Leung)
S:14:24:02.3 F:14:45:19.9
2421:22.4722Cleveland State University A (Morgan Barnes)
S:14:27:47.9 F:14:49:10.3
2521:53.1726Murray State University Crew Club B (Cordelia Hiers)
S:14:28:22.2 F:14:50:15.3
2621:56.7699Cleveland State University A (Haley Wagner)
S:14:20:21.5 F:14:42:18.2
2722:08.8698NCSU Crew B (Agustina Gontaruk)
S:14:19:46.5 F:14:41:55.3
2822:09.0721College of William and Mary B (Kate Kalaris)
S:14:27:36.2 F:14:49:45.2
2922:16.4694Florida State University A
S:14:18:17.1 F:14:40:33.5
3022:24.8701James Madison University Crew Club A (Maggie Goetzman)
S:14:20:39.8 F:14:43:04.6
3122:25.6708Washington University Crew A (Sarah Heuckeroth)
S:14:23:23.0 F:14:45:48.6
3223:02.9720The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia B (Karen Donaldson)
S:14:27:22.4 F:14:50:25.3
3323:52.1695Berry College Viking Crew A (Caitlin Lewis)
S:14:19:22.5 F:14:43:14.6
3423:54.1714UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Hailey Keith)
S:14:25:23.5 F:14:49:17.6
3524:43.0715College of William and Mary A (amber bryant)
S:14:25:56.6 F:14:50:39.6
DNS725Orlando Rowing Club B
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