32 Women's College & Club Novice 8+
Official Results
116:53.6922Old Dominion University Women's Rowing A
S:15:57:04.4 F:16:13:58.0
217:09.9935Kansas Athletics A (Maddie Irelan)
S:16:03:09.2 F:16:20:19.1
317:16.1903Southern Methodist University A
S:15:46:52.2 F:16:04:08.3
417:41.5911University of Central Florida A
S:15:52:20.9 F:16:10:02.4
517:45.9923The University of Tulsa Womens Rowing A (Phoebe Mulligan)
S:15:57:14.1 F:16:15:00.0
617:48.5924University of Texas Austin A (Morgan Yarbrough)
S:15:57:29.4 F:16:15:17.9
717:51.8937University of Oklahoma A (Bri Mooibroek)
S:16:03:56.8 F:16:21:48.6
818:02.5939The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team B (Valentina Makrides)
S:16:04:46.4 F:16:22:48.9
918:03.2927Eastern Michigan University A (Lilah McAllister)
S:15:58:22.2 F:16:16:25.4
1018:22.8941University of Central Florida B
S:16:04:59.6 F:16:23:22.4
1118:32.5947University of Texas Austin B (Anne Herman)
S:16:07:23.0 F:16:25:55.5
1218:32.8918University of Tennessee Womens Rowing A (DaGean Samuel)
S:15:56:29.1 F:16:15:01.9
1318:52.4928University of Florida A (Amber Shepherd)
S:15:58:37.6 F:16:17:30.0
1418:53.6933Clemson University Rowing Association A (Samantha Verzella)
S:16:01:56.1 F:16:20:49.7
1519:23.6932The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia A (Hannah James)
S:16:01:20.1 F:16:20:43.7
1619:31.8920Purdue University Crew A (Marie Woodworth)
S:15:56:41.7 F:16:16:13.5
1719:32.4952University of Oklahoma B (Madison Heidenburg)
S:16:12:04.6 F:16:31:37.0
1819:59.9908Georgia Tech Crew A
S:15:50:55.8 F:16:10:55.7
1920:06.2934Washington University Crew A (Kara Dimicco)
S:16:02:54.4 F:16:23:00.6
2020:09.1949University of Tennessee Womens Rowing B (Jeturah Johnson)
S:16:10:00.3 F:16:30:09.4
2020:09.1916Miami University Rowing Club A (Jenni Maki)
S:15:55:10.0 F:16:15:19.1
2220:09.8906The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team A (MacKenzie Murphy)
S:15:49:37.6 F:16:09:47.4
2320:13.6912College of William and Mary A (juliana santanna)
S:15:52:43.8 F:16:12:57.4
2420:17.9930UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Shae Herrick)
S:16:00:04.6 F:16:20:22.5
2520:18.5921Wake Forest Rowing Club A (Allison Link)
S:15:56:55.4 F:16:17:13.9
2620:26.5914University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill A (Alli Mossinghoff)
S:15:53:41.2 F:16:14:07.7
2720:33.5917University of South Florida A (Alexandra Bolen)
S:15:56:15.2 F:16:16:48.7
2820:38.1925Emory University Rowing A (Chae Hee Han)
S:15:58:07.3 F:16:18:45.4
2920:45.9904Cleveland State University A (Kyrie Anderson)
S:15:47:55.5 F:16:08:41.4
3020:52.9946Miami University Rowing Club B (PyLynne Myers)
S:16:07:07.3 F:16:28:00.2
3121:10.3951University of Florida B (Mykhue Nguyen-Tran)
S:16:11:05.8 F:16:32:16.1
3221:12.3931Vanderbilt University Crew A (Shana Luo)
S:16:00:56.7 F:16:22:09.0
3321:25.4901University of Cincinnati Rowing Club A
S:15:46:42.3 F:16:08:07.7
3421:27.4929James Madison University Crew Club A (Elena Platz)
S:15:59:18.2 F:16:20:45.6
3521:31.2909St. Louis University Crew A (Jessica Chinn)
S:15:52:10.7 F:16:13:41.9
3621:36.0919Murray State University Crew Club A (Anna Birnbeck)
S:15:55:43.8 F:16:17:19.8
3721:42.6936Xavier University Crew A (Clair Pendleton)
S:16:03:33.9 F:16:25:16.5
3821:45.5910Florida State University A
S:16:08:25.4 F:16:30:10.9
3921:48.9950The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia B (Hope Wang)
S:16:10:31.3 F:16:32:20.2
4021:50.0945Murray State University Crew Club B (Abby Siegel)
S:16:06:16.0 F:16:28:06.0
4122:20.3942UTC - Chattanooga Rowing B (Elizabeth Murphy)
S:16:09:44.4 F:16:32:04.7
4222:29.0905Texas Crew A (Keun-Woo Lee)
S:16:13:13.5 F:16:35:42.5
4323:11.3938Vanderbilt University Crew B
S:16:04:36.5 F:16:27:47.8
4423:32.0943University of South Florida B (Natalie Miller)
S:16:05:54.3 F:16:29:26.3
4523:53.0948Xavier University Crew B (Emma Rausch)
S:16:09:14.0 F:16:33:07.0
4624:03.9915High Point University A (Jessica Houston)
S:15:54:47.4 F:16:18:51.3
4724:23.9953Cleveland State University B (HANEEN ALI)
S:16:13:38.4 F:16:38:02.3
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