76 Women's Open 8+
Official Results
115:25.71822University of Miami Crew A (Hannah Meister)
S:12:17:20.9 F:12:32:46.6
215:29.81834The University of Tulsa Womens Rowing A (Alana Bobka)
S:12:24:27.5 F:12:39:57.3
315:38.51823Old Dominion University Women's Rowing A (Jenna Sterling)
S:12:17:36.6 F:12:33:15.1
415:38.61832University of Oklahoma A (Reagan Collins)
S:12:21:07.5 F:12:36:46.1
515:41.61828University of Texas Austin A (Brenna Coldren)
S:12:19:44.6 F:12:35:26.2
615:48.91824University of Central Florida A
S:12:26:37.2 F:12:42:26.1
715:55.01830The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team A (Alyssa Drevenak)
S:12:20:00.5 F:12:35:55.5
815:55.51829University of Tennessee Womens Rowing A (Katie King)
S:12:19:50.0 F:12:35:45.5
916:02.21833Kansas Athletics A (Emma O'Neil)
S:12:21:18.5 F:12:37:20.7
1016:04.81839University of Texas Austin B (Carmen Hargis-Villanueva)
S:12:22:36.3 F:12:38:41.1
1116:05.71838University of Central Florida B
S:12:29:21.6 F:12:45:27.3
1216:07.51843The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team B (Erin Delaney)
S:12:28:10.9 F:12:44:18.4
1316:07.81844Old Dominion University Women's Rowing B
S:12:23:17.2 F:12:39:25.0
1416:12.01837University of Oklahoma B (Allison Kwiecinski)
S:12:22:01.6 F:12:38:13.6
1516:16.21842Kansas Athletics B (Madison Hovis)
S:12:23:05.2 F:12:39:21.4
1616:25.61836The University of Tulsa Womens Rowing B (Stephanie Hendricks)
S:12:25:44.2 F:12:42:09.8
1716:26.51850The University of Tulsa Womens Rowing C (Allison Kiefer)
S:12:30:55.0 F:12:47:21.5
1816:30.81858University of Central Florida D
S:12:33:56.5 F:12:50:27.3
1916:39.61848University of Oklahoma C (Bri Mooibroek)
S:12:29:46.7 F:12:46:26.3
2016:40.51849University of Central Florida C
S:12:30:22.1 F:12:47:02.6
2116:52.51845University of Miami Crew B (Joletta Silva)
S:12:24:05.5 F:12:40:58.0
2216:55.51847Kansas Athletics C (Katy Brady)
S:12:24:17.8 F:12:41:13.3
2316:59.91852The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team C (Melissa Etter)
S:12:31:22.8 F:12:48:22.7
2417:03.11853The University of Tulsa Womens Rowing D (Natalie Santa-Pinter)
S:12:31:38.5 F:12:48:41.6
2417:03.11831Eastern Michigan University A (Sidney Doss)
S:12:20:55.4 F:12:37:58.5
2617:07.41851University of Texas Austin C (Morgan Yarbrough)
S:12:25:01.9 F:12:42:09.3
2717:14.91859University of Central Florida D
S:12:34:41.3 F:12:51:56.2
2817:22.51857Kansas Athletics D (Laura Foster)
S:12:26:08.3 F:12:43:30.8
2917:28.51835Masters Coaching A (Ann Broderick)
S:12:27:50.9 F:12:45:19.4
3017:37.01855The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team D (MacKenzie Murphy)
S:12:33:03.1 F:12:50:40.1
3017:37.01846Eastern Michigan University B (Theodora Robinson-Jones)
S:12:29:11.3 F:12:46:48.3
3217:47.51854University of Texas Austin D (Anne Herman)
S:12:25:16.6 F:12:43:04.1
3318:15.71861University of Texas Austin E (Sarah Gutberlet)
S:12:26:29.9 F:12:44:45.6
3418:36.11856University of Oklahoma D (Madison Heidenburg)
S:12:33:28.9 F:12:51:35.0 P:30 (interference)
3518:45.31840Miami University Rowing Club B (Caitlin Lamb)
S:12:24:02.2 F:12:42:47.5
3619:00.71860The University of Alabama Women's Rowing Team E (Ashlyn Roze)
S:12:36:13.4 F:12:55:14.1
3719:02.51825Miami University Rowing Club A (Hannah Whitney)
S:12:18:56.7 F:12:37:59.2
3820:02.01826College of William and Mary A (Katelyn Reimer)
S:12:19:42.0 F:12:39:44.0
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